3 Signs of A Dirty Drain

It’s no laughing matter when you have a plumbing problem, especially one that involves your drains. In most cases, your drain will give you some advance warning before it becomes completely clogged.

Professional Drain Cleaning

There are three main indicators that tell you your drain needs a good clean: a bad smell, slow drainage or limescale. 

Stinky Sink 

If you are still smelling last week’s pot roast, you most likely have a buildup of waste in your drain. This material (mostly old food) will fester and get worse until you clean it out. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t just about scrubbing around the sink itself. It requires having the drain fully cleaned to remove any food matter and bacteria that’s built up over time

Slow Sink

There is nothing worse than doing dishes and having to stop and wait for your sink to drain. This is also caused by a buildup of waste in your pipes, causing the water flow to be restricted.

If your drains are clogged at least once a week, especially if more than one drain is affected, decaying grease, hair, human waste, and food are backing up your drains. You can use a plumbing snake to see if that makes it run smoother. If not, there may be issues further down the pipe which would require the plumbing experts at Pratt to come take a look.

Scaly Sink 

An accumulation of white, chalky deposits that develop due to hard water exposure is called “lime scale.” If calcium deposits build up, they can permanently block water flow. A lime scale-covered faucet could be an indication of a lime scale-coated plumbing system.

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