Avoid a Disastrous Flood in your Home!

When was the last time you replaced your washing machine hoses?

Avoid a Disastrous FloodWhat could be more perfect than a lovely vacation away with the family? Absolutely nothing! But how would you feel coming home to your house looking like… a swimming pool? A flood in the home is one of the most traumatic (and expensive) problems a homeowner could ever encounter. If your washing machine hose bursts in your home, it can cause hundreds of gallons of water per hour to leak all over your basement or wash room… and it can happen at any given time. People pay an expensive price when they neglect their washing machine! At Pratt Plumbing, we know there’s no way to predict when a washing machine hose will burst but there are important preventative maintenance steps you can take in order to ensure that flooding does not damage your beautiful home and property.

The Pratt Plumbing team  wants to let you know about washing machine hose inspection and replacement:

As washing machine hoses age, they can crack, break and chemically deteriorate. To prevent disastrous flooding and unnecessary damage to your home, you should replace your hoses every 3-5 years. Checking the health of your current hose every six months to a year is highly recommended. That way, if you notice any unsafe changes to the exterior of your hose you can fix it before it becomes a major problem. A few minutes can save you thousands of dollars in flood damages.

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There are two different types of washing machine hoses: reinforced rubber hoses and stainless steel braided hoses. Reinforced rubber hoses are the older version and they are reinforced with braided rayon or polyester mesh to increase bursting strength of the hose. The stainless steel braided type is made of a flexible plastic hose enclosed and braided in a flexible mesh of stainless steel wire. The purchase of high-quality hoses is important. Call your local plumbing experts at Pratt Plumbing  if you need any helpful tips  or suggestions for a washing machine hose purchase.

Important tips to remember:

  • Inspect: Check the condition of your current washing machine hose every 6 months to a year-to be safe!
  • Replace: Perform preventative maintenance – Replace washing machine hoses every 3-5 years
  • Keep track: Attach a pad or sheet of paper to your hose so you can track when your inspection and replacement patterns
  • Buy high-quality hoses: If you select a reinforced rubber hose over a stainless steel reinforced hose… MAKE SURE THE LABEL SAYS “REINFORCED!” Stainless steel hoses may be slightly more expensive but have a lower failure rate.
  • Smart idea: Install a shut off valve above your washing machine so when you go away for long periods of time you can turn off the water supply
  • Helpful tip: Don’t run your washing machine when you aren’t home or if you are asleep and cannot hear the hose burst.

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