Clogged Garbage Disposal – The Easiest Way To Treat The Problem

Many homeowners love the convenience provided by an efficient garbage disposal. Unfortunately, these very same systems are the cause of many burdens. They may jam up at the slightest provocation, drain fittings may loosen, or the drain trap assembly may clog. Whatever the case, prompt repairs and maintenance are requirements, not suggestions. Here is the easiest way to treat a clogged garbage disposal.

Why Disposals Clogs

We as homeowners use garbage disposals to clean up the messes after cooking and doing the dishes. In reality, the disposal is only for light food residue and nothing more. These systems were not built for grease, egg shells, or large chunks of food.

Typically, a clogged drain is due to the waste line or trap becoming coated in residue and ultimately obstructed by food waste.

Furthermore, another common cause of garbage disposal clogs is a lack of flushing water. By not putting enough water down the disposal when grinding, clogs are sure to occur. Once a full blockage occurs, it is impossible for water to pass through.

How to Treat Garbage Disposal Clogs

If your garbage disposal is the victim of persistent clogs, it’s time to call in a professional. Disposal systems are complex. This is not a unit that one may simply take apart and hope for the best. A technician with thorough training and the right tools is required to pull apart the disposal, clear the clog, and repair any issues discovered during the process.

When searching for a local plumber, be sure to check out online reviews and compare prices. Do not simply select the lowest quoted price, though. That’s a surefire way to experience further troubles.

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