Consequences of Violating the Plumbing Code

Consequences Violating Plumbing CodeThere was once a time in this country when the building of homes or businesses went unmonitored. There existed an “anything goes” approach toward materials and construction procedures, where health and safety concerns were nearly non-existent. Thankfully, times have changed and no one in the plumbing industry understands, values, and respects the need for specific plumbing installation codes more than your Amarillo plumbers at Pratt Plumbing.

Plumbing Codes Guide Health & Safety

Serious consequences can occur if plumbing is installed incorrectly or plumbing code violations take place during construction, remodeling, or even during minor repairs. Among the problems that you may find yourself facing are backups that risk health, leaks that cause further expensive water damage, and the burdensome inconvenience of not having access to your water for cooking, cleaning, or hygiene. If plumbing is incorrectly installed near electrical wiring or outlets, in a bathroom or kitchen for example, a dangerous contact or leak can lead to serious risk of deadly electric shock.

A High Price for Violations

Plumbing codes exist to ensure that only safe, approved techniques and materials are used by trained experts in the installation of new construction, repairs, or plumbing remodeling work. Unscrupulous plumbers or even do-it-yourselfers need to be aware that a presumed cost-savings up front may result in legal costs and possibly health or injury costs if violations of the plumbing code have occurred. Penalties for code violation can include fines, daily fines for the duration of the existing violation, and revocation of expensive building permits.

Hire Only the Best Professional Plumbers

Whether your needs are residential for repairs, unclogging pipes, remodeling, new construction, or any plumbing demand, or you are a business in need of plumbing for new construction or bringing your building up to the plumbing code, trust only a reputable, qualified plumber to understand and implement exact code specifications. Proven and renowned for 50 years of professional excellence, Pratt Plumbing can assure your every plumbing requirement is guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable plumbing code. Call our experts at 806-373-7866.

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