Drain and Sewer Cleaning Tips

Professional Drain Cleaning

Nobody wants to experience drain or sewer blockages. They cause bad smells, water problems, and a lot of bills. If you’re experiencing blocked drains or sewers, you should seek professional help immediately. At Pratt Plumbing, we’ve been in the plumbing industry for years. In this time, we’ve perfected our techniques in all things plumbing-related!

In the meantime, you can try a number of DIY tricks to keep your plumbing clean.

Run Piping Hot Water

Sometimes, running very hot water can help loosen the debris that’s blocking your drain. A little squeeze of lemon juice may also help break up the nasty bacteria down the plugged hole.

Additionally, if you have a plunger hidden away in a cupboard somewhere, dig it out! Sometimes nothing works like a good old plunge to suction the gunk out of the drain.

Use Drain Unblocking Liquids

It may seem obvious, but some simple store-bought drain cleaners sometimes work well. First, read up on what brand is the best. Commercial drain cleaners are best used in the short term in order to tide you over until the professional and trained plumber arrives.

Prevent Sewage Blockages

Prevention certainly is better than cure, so in order to keep healthy working sewer lines, use them correctly and carefully. Don’t dispose of anything other than human waste or toilet roll in your toilet. Other objects and materials can cause severe blockages that end up causing expensive problems down the line. Let’s face it, nobody wants the hassle of blocked sewage lines.

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