Garbage Disposal: Pros and Cons

Is having a garbage disposal a must-have in your dream kitchen? For some homeowners, it’s a trusty appliance they can’t live without. For others, the cost and upkeep are not worth the convenience. 

Garbage Disposal: Pros and Cons

Having a garbage disposal in your home comes with plenty of advantages, such as faster kitchen cleanup and protecting pipes from large food scraps. However, the appliance also has certain drawbacks like safety concerns and being prone to clogging.  

Review these pros and cons before you shell out your hard-earned cash for garbage disposal.

Pros of garbage disposals

For some homeowners, garbage disposals are great because they can:

  • Make kitchen cleanup faster and easier. Post-cooking and post-dinner cleanup times reduce significantly with garbage disposals because you don’t have to worry about leftover food dropping on the floor when carrying plates and other cookware to and from the trash.
  • Protect your pipes from food debris. It’s tempting to scrape leftover bits of food in the sink when the dishes pile up. If you make it a habit, it could create clogs in your pipes. The garbage disposal crushes those food scraps, creating smaller particles that are less likely to block pipe flow.
  • Safely get rid of food with sewage systems. Sewage systems like municipal sewers and septic tanks are compatible with just about all garbage disposals. Be sure to check with your local waste management authority before buying a garbage disposal.

Cons of garbage disposals

On the other hand, garbage disposals can be a nuisance because:

  • They need to be handled carefully. Garbage disposals can handle small scraps of leftovers with ease, but certain foods shouldn’t be disposed of often or at all. Having to remember what foods go in the trash or disposal then becomes a very bothersome task, where some wonder if it’s even worth the hassle. Some foods that may cause blockages or clogging include:   
    • Fibrous foods: Think peels, shells, and corn husks.
    • Starchy foods: Think rice, pasta, and beans.
    • Fatty foods: Think oils and creamy sauces.
  • Prone to clogging. Putting the wrong food down the drain can lead to the garbage disposal getting jammed or clogged. Most garbage disposals have a reset button, but it’s not always an effective way to eliminate any food blockage. It’s not easy to repair a garbage disposal, so if certain parts wear out, you might have to replace the entire unit.

Garbage disposal service and installation in Amarillo, TX

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