How Much Does a Running Toilet Really Cost

Wasting water always has an environmental and a financial cost. This is especially true for running toilets. The toilet is one of the most water-intensive appliances in a modern home. A regular flush uses about two to six gallons of water alone, depending on what model you have.

How Much Does a Running Toilet Really Cost

Some Costs to Consider

You might shrug off the sound of a running toilet, but that trickle can add up fast. Even a moderate leak can translate to about $50 – $100 of unnecessary added expense to your monthly utility bill. That means potentially an extra $1,000 of your money literally going down the drain!

Depending on the source of the leak, there may be an easy solution to help you avoid wasting water and dollars. Check to see if the flapper and assemblies on the inside of your tank are all functioning. The flapper should be sealing the water in the tank from going into the bowl whenever the toilet isn’t being flushed. A replacement part can be as cheap as $3, and is a relatively simple fix for even an amateur at DIY work.

Fixes that go beyond the mechanisms in the toilet tank are better left to a reliable plumber. There could, for example, be cracks in the pipes, or other issues that necessitate the replacement of the entire unit.

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