How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smells

Does being near your sink make you want to clutch your nose in horror? It could be your garbage disposal. There are a few different options to try and get rid of the smell.

How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smells

Home Remedies

These are the cheaper options that people like your friends from high school and an estranged aunt can vouch for. Most of the time, they do work.

  • Ice – fill the garbage disposal with ice and then turn the blades on so that the slush can clear the blades
  • Citrus – you can chuck a wedge of lemon or lime into the disposal while it’s running to get a natural fragrance out of the pulverized peel and juices
  • Baking soda and vinegar – the classic oxidizing combo works best in a 1:1 ratio, so if you pour a cup of soda powder down the drain you should then pour a cup of vinegar down while running the disposal
  • Bleach – use sparingly! and preferably not in closed, unventilated areas, you could pour bleach while the sink is running to help dislodge the source of the odor

Professional Remedies

If you’re too professional to stick to a home brew solution and health conscious enough to eschew bleach, then there’s still a slew of other options available to you. The average hardware or home goods store will have some liquid cleaning product designed for drains and disposals. Be on the lookout for plant-based options if you care about the environment, since such cleaners are more biodegradable.

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