How to Install a Direct-to-Stud Tub or Shower Surround

Bathrooms are the most common home renovation project tackled by homeowners. They’re also one of the most expensive and risky projects to DIY. If you are moderately skilled in home improvement projects and willing to take on a challenge, we’re here to help guide you through.

How to Install a Direct-to-Stud Tub or Shower Surround

Here are a few tips on how to install a direct-to-stud tub or shower surround in your bathroom:

  1. First, you’ll need a plan. Measure your space and find the tub and shower surround that suits your needs.
  2. Next, time to demo. Most tub and shower surrounds require direct-to-stud installation, which means you’ll have to remove existing drywall in order to access the studs. We recommend cutting the drywall to roughly the size of the surround to save yourself time in patching walls when you’re finished with the installation.
  3. Once your drywall is cut, work your way from back to front. You’ll want to start with the back wall panel, setting it in place and leveling it with the tub. Once it is in place, have a helper with you to hold it firmly as you drill pilot holes through the flange where it meets the center of the studs. Use either nails or screws to hold it tight to the wall. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for spacing!
  4. Move on to the sides. Install the next side without plumbing on it. Lock this into the back wall panel you just set and level it in place. Again, drill pilot holes in the flange and screw or nail it to the wall.
  5. Head to the opposite side (the side with the plumbing) and measure carefully to drill spaces for the tub or shower valve and spout, if needed. Remember to measure twice, cut/drill once! Take your time on this step, as there’s no going back if done incorrectly. Work slowly as you drill so as not to rip up the surround.
  6. Install the final wall by lining up the holes you’ve just drilled with the plumbing fixtures and lock it into place, being sure it’s leveled. Fasten it to the wall using the same method as for the existing two panels.
  7. Finish the project by reinstalling plumbing fixtures as needed and caulking the plumbing trim to prevent leaks.

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