Keep These 3 Details in Mind When Buying a New Kitchen Faucet

There are many design elements to consider in a modern kitchen, including cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, and appliances. But don’t overlook another important one – the sink faucet.

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Whether you’re undergoing a complete kitchen renovation or simply need to upgrade an old, outdated fixture, here are a few things to consider while selecting a kitchen faucet with the perfect style and function.

  1. Sink mounting holes. It’s important to make sure that your next kitchen faucet is compatible with your existing or new sink. Look at the bottom of the sink to see how many mounting holes it has (some holes may be covered by mounting plates).Kitchen faucets are available in versions for one, two, three, or four holes. And some models can be used in multiple configurations. The packaging will tell you how many holes the faucet is compatible with.It’s possible to add additional holes to the sink but it involves cutting into metal and best to avoid, if possible.
  2. Water line sizes. Most new faucets today come with a 3/8 in. flex line. However, older plumbing underneath your sink may be a different size, such as ½ in.Look at the water shutoff valve to make sure it’s the same size as the faucet water line. If not, you’ll need to install a new shutoff valve. Of course, it’s not a bad idea to replace the shutoff valve anyway (even if it’s the correct size) since this part tends to wear out and leak over time.
  3. Matching finish styles. To really create that “Wow” factor in your new kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that all fixtures have the same finish. This can be trickier than it sounds because there are so many options that look similar in the store but will clash with each other when arranged together.Here are just a few finishes that you can choose from:
    • Polished stainless steel
    • Satin stainless steel
    • Brushed nickel
    • Matte black
    • Oil-rubbed bronze
    • Antique brass

When in doubt, take the packaging from your other fixtures into the store to make sure you pick out the matching kitchen faucet.

Once you have these three areas covered, your decision of a kitchen faucet really comes down to the features and style you want.

Good luck with your kitchen project. If you need a hand with installing your new faucet or any other plumbing issue, Pratt Plumbing is here to help. We’ve been proudly serving the Amarillo area for over 55 years. Call us today at (806) 373-7866.

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