Low Water Pressure? Common Causes and Solutions

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If you’re experiencing low water pressure in your home, chances are it’s a common reason why it’s happening. If you’re incapable of washing the dishes and the laundry, you already know of the headache involved with daily chores. That should never be the case. It should be a simple task. Water pressure may be low for numerous reasons. If your neighbors are experiencing the same problem, you may need to contact your local water supplier. Otherwise, hire a professional plumber to inspect the system.

Common Causes

Over time, and perhaps through heavy use, you may experience low water pressure. It’s a frequent problem to have. The primary reasons for low pressure include:

  • Buildup – Debris – including sand, dirt, or pollutants – may enter your pipes through a fracture or crack. Even without a crack, plumbing pipes are susceptible to buildup. A small amount of sediment could block the water flow significantly.
  • Corrosion – Over time, your pipes may experience natural corrosion. Even steel or galvanized pipes, which are supposed to last two decades, are susceptible to corrosion.
  • Leaks – Typically, if you have a leak in your system, it’s evident. You’ll notice wet spots and mold growth. These leaks can also lead to low water pressure, however. The water flow is escaping through the hole.


The method to repair low water pressure can vary. For example, if the problem is a single fixture, you may need to either replace the fixture altogether or clean the system thoroughly. If the problem persists throughout your home, however, your options change. First, locate your home’s water meter. It’s typically near the street. Check the meter thoroughly. Then, if you have a water pressure regulator, you may need to adjust the unit.

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