Pros and Cons of Electric Water Heaters

Life is full of tough decisions. Cook at home or eat out? Start a new streaming show or rewatch a classic? Gas or electric water heater

Electric Water Heater Benefits

OK, we’re guessing the last one isn’t a burning question in your mind – but it is an important decision for your home nonetheless. Natural gas may be the most popular type of tank water heater, but there are valid reasons to consider going electric.

Electric water heaters offer many advantages, including being simple to install, easy to use, and good for the environment. While typically less expensive up-front, electric water heaters can cost more to operate.

Let’s take a deeper look into these pros and cons.

Pros of electric water heaters

  • Environmentally friendly. Electric water heaters are great for the environment because they are supremely energy-efficient, and their power source can come from renewable energy.
  • Easier to operate. A gas water heater turns on by switching on or activating the gas to get it started. With an electric water heater, there’s no gas involved at all. Just make sure it’s on, and you’re ready to go.
  • Installation is seamless. Installing an electric water heater can be simpler than a gas unit because it doesn’t require connecting to gas lines or venting to remove combustion gases from the home.
  • Need less attention. With gas water heaters, the unit and the gas line need regular upkeep. Electric water heaters don’t have this issue, but it’s best practice to flush out the tank system at least once a year to prevent mineral deposits at the bottom of the tank.

Cons of electric water heaters

  • More expensive to operate. Homeowners tend to choose gas water heaters over their electric counterparts because natural gas is cheaper than electricity, which means a lower utility bill. 
  • Slower heating time. If there’s high demand and all the hot water is used up, an electric water heater will take longer to recover than a gas unit. 

Electric water heater installation in Amarillo, TX

Sometimes, weighing out the pros and cons of electric water heaters isn’t as easy as reading this article. That’s why it helps to speak with plumbing experts that can go over short- and long-term pros and cons with you in better detail. 

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