Reasons Why Your Water Heater’s Pressure Relief Valve Is Leaking

It’s never a good sign when you find water on the floor around your water heater. But before you panic, it’s important to figure out where it’s coming from.

Bonding Wire on Your Water Heater

Upon further investigation, if you find the water is being discharged from a small tube that comes out of the top or side of the unit, runs down the side of the tank, and ends near the ground, then the source is likely the temperature pressure relief valve, or relief valve, for short.

What does the relief valve do?

The relief valve is an important safety feature on the water heater. If the water inside the unit gets too hot (usually above 210 degrees) or pressure builds up too high (above 150 psi), the water heater can become damaged or even explore. 

A good solution to this risk is the relief valve. If at any point the temperature or pressure reaches an unsafe level, the water heater triggers the relief valve to open and release water out of the tank until the temperature and pressure return to normal.

Reasons for water discharging from the relief valve

When you see water coming out from the water heater release valve, there are two most likely causes.

  1. The relief valve is working the way it’s intended, and water drained to reduce the pressure inside the tank.
  2. There’s a problem with the valve, such as a faulty seal, and the water is unintentionally leaking.

Both circumstances should be taken very seriously. If the relief valve is needed frequently, that means there’s an issue with your water heater that is causing unsafe temperatures or pressure.

On the other hand, if the relief valve is stuck or has another problem, it needs to be fixed or replaced right away so it can do its job properly when necessary.

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