Why a Tankless Water Heater is Best

Tankless water heater Repair Amarillo, TX

We aren’t saying that you should just go out and replace your water heater ‘just because’, but if you’re currently looking to replace your existing system, here’s a few reasons why a tankless water heater is a better choice, both for your wallet and the environment.


A tankless heater is capable of near instant hot water delivery – you turn on the faucet, wait a few seconds and you’ll get hot water. There is no waiting around for the tank to heat up, or using all of the water that is stored and then having to wait (again) for more hot water. It doesn’t matter how much you need, you’ll never run out. Some of the later higher delivery systems are also more than capable of supplying hot water to more than outlet.

Energy Saving

As we’ve already mentioned, a conventional type heater consists of a large tank, the water having to be heated up and then kept hot. While insulation of the tank helps with retaining the heat, that is all it does – helps to retain it. You still need to power a heating element to ensure that the water is as hot as you want it. And of course, powering that element costs you money. With a tankless heater only heating up the water when you want it and the amount you want, your energy consumption is greatly reduced.


The physical size of a tankless heater means that it can fit nearly anywhere in your home, even in a cupboard. It also has the ability to push water to the farthest reaches as well as upwards. While some conventional tank type heaters can be pressurized, many are all gravity fed to the faucet, meaning that it has to be above the lowest outlet.

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