The WATTS 210 Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

All valves play a part in making a machine safe and functional. The Watts 210 automatic gas shutoff valve is used to make some water heaters safer, similar to a regular temperature and pressure (T&P) valve.

Watt 210 Gas Shut Off Valve

What Does It Look Like?

The Watts 210 valve looks like a three-way connector with the middle of the ‘T’ shape having an elongated thermostat that is meant to be fitted down into the heater itself. The other two ends are where the gas line connects through.

How Does It Work?

When the thermostat of the valve reads the internal temperature of the heater as 210℉, which is two degrees under the boiling point of water, the valve is supposed to close the flow of gas. This will then relieve the pressure, preventing a potential disaster.

Usually, a Watts 210 valve is used in conjunction with a T&P valve. The T&P is meant to reduce the chance of damage from the water bursting from the waterline or tank because of thermal expansion.

Not every water heater will have a Watts 210 valve. They are more common when a water heater cannot run the T&P outflow to the exterior of a building. Installing a Watts 210 valve takes more time and money than the installation of a T&P valve. This is a technical procedure that is often better left to the professional.

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