Toilet Puddle Got You Down?

We all like splashing around in a good puddle. But if it’s coming from your toilet – that’s a different story!

Toilet Puddle Got You Down

Now there are three main causes for a leaky toilet: a loose hose, a terrible tee bolt or a wonky wax ring. 

Test That Toilet! 

We aren’t saying you’re wrong, but it is always a good plan to triple check your work when attempting DIY plumbing repairs. If you are unsure or want to be confident that it gets done right the first time, you can always call our professional plumbers for fast and efficient service at 806-373-7866

To make sure the water is indeed toilet related – mop up all the stagnant water, wait 5 minutes and flush. If the water shows back up, your toilet is in fact the problem. 

Fix That Toilet! 

The first step is to examine the hoses connected to the back of your toilet. If any of these look faulty, cracked or have a bad connection, they will have to be replaced. If your hoses check out, clean up any pooled water. You need it dry so you can get on the floor to check other possible problem areas. 

Give the bowl a wiggle to check if your basin is properly attached to the floor. If it feels loose, you’ve found your issue. Either way, however, locate the two tee bolts that connect to the floor. Tighten these bolts – but be careful! If these get tightened too far, they could crack your toilet in two. 

Re-test that Toilet!

Time to re-test! Hopefully there is no more water on the floor which means that everything is working as it should again.

If you are still experiencing leakage, your wax rings which create a tight seal between the tee bolts and toilet bowl have failed you. Or there could be a different issue entirely which would require one of our experts to take a look. 

There are some toilet plumbing difficulties that you simply cannot control. When it comes to plumbing repairs big and small, hire a professional to handle it all with Pratt Plumbing. We’re proud to be one of Amarillo’s oldest plumbing service companies, and we look forward to helping you too! Give us a call at 806-373-7866 to make an appointment today!

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