Top Tips for Saving Water While You Shower

Water Saving Tips Amarillo TXSaving water doesn’t have to be inconvenient or a chore. Here at Pratt Plumbing, we decided we would outline some easy tips for saving water while you bathe or shower. These steps will ensure that you’re doing your part to converse water.

Tips and Hints

First and foremost, when you shower, set a timer! Most of us spend plenty of time in the warm shower just getting distracted by our thoughts. That leaves water running and running for no reason. Consider setting a timer for your shower. When it goes off, you know that you should be done. For some this may be five minutes instead of 15, which means you could save tons of water.

Next, consider taking a bath. This ensures that only a set amount of water is used. Once the tub is full, no more water goes down the drain; whereas with a shower, water needlessly flows down the drain.

When you draw your bath, plug up the drain immediately. Don’t wait for the water to warm up and then plug the drain. Even though the water may be a little chilly at first, it will warm up quickly and will warm all the water in the tub. You won’t even notice a difference.

Going back to those shower-takers, as some people don’t take baths, consider getting a low-flow shower head. This will slow down the process of water running. Surprisingly, this can make a huge difference.

Finally, when taking a shower, turn off the water while you shampoo or condition your hair. Think about it this way, do you need the water running when you lather up? Chances are, you do the rinsing after the lather part and not during.

Easy Changes Make Huge Differences

These simple steps aren’t hard to adjust to and can make a world of difference. Consider these tips for saving water, as it can also help cut down your water bill. If you want more tips or information – or even a energy-saving consultationcall the team at Pratt Plumbing! 806-373-7866.

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