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Water Softener Amarillo TX

Water Softener InstallationWhen your home has hard water there are a number of issues that you will notice. Some of the most common include soap lathering issues and a constant ring around the tub. Perfectly clean clothes may also begin to emerge from the wash with a gray hue and, most annoyingly, the pipes get clogged with mineral deposits or scale. Scale buildup can eventually ruin washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, water heaters and other appliances that use water. Pratt Plumbing, the plumbing company in Amarillo, TX, can help.

Hard water is measured in terms of grains of the mineral per gallon, or GPG. Sometimes it’s measured in parts per million. If the homeowner wants to know how hard water their water is, they should have it tested by our professional technicians. If it comes back in PPM, they can divide the number by 17.1 to get the GPG. A GPG that’s higher than 7 means that hard water is present. If the GPG is above 10.5, the water is considered very hard and a whole house system to soften the water is likely what our technicians will recommended. The water softening unit can be connected to the water main. From time to time maintenance will be needed to recharge the device with salt. Pratt Plumbing can provide installation and maintenance services for your water softener. We are proud to be your plumbing service of choice for water softener installation.

The professionals at Pratt Plumbing are experts at water softener installation and new plumbing installation. They also have the ability to install an ion exchange filter. In this sort of filter, the calcium and magnesium that make the water hard are exchanged for sodium. The water passes through a resin filter in a tank where these ions are exchanged. The system can be rented, or the homeowner is free to buy the system outright. Whatever the homeowner chooses, your Amarillo, TX plumber will install and maintain it.

The ion exchange system has a drawback, but it’s simple to solve. The sodium in the water is not recommended for people who are on a low sodium diet, nor is it recommended for watering plants. But Pratt Plumbing can easily install filters at the faucets used for drinking water that will reduce, or eliminate, the sodium concentration. We also sell and install water softener systems that remove radon from the water. This is important for homeowners who get their water from a private well. Water from private wells has been known to have radon, which is a carcinogen.

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