What Size Storage Water Heater Best Fits Your Needs?

Water Heater Repairs

Like most people, it’s unlikely you’ll go shopping for a new water heater until you’re current one begins to fail. That could very well happen at the worst time. You may have to rush out and purchase whatever is available at the local hardware store. This is a mistake, though. You see, homes require specific sized water heaters to operate efficiently. If you happen to purchase a system that is too small, you won’t enjoy hot water throughout the whole home. Too big, and you may be wasting money. You’ll want to explore your options and correctly size a new unit before purchasing.

Water Heater Sizes

Like most appliances available today, water heaters come in a variety of sizes. They don’t make things easy. The first thing you’ll to consider is how many people will use hot water regularly. If you have a family of 3-4, then an 80-gallon, electric water heater would suffice. If you prefer gas, then a 50-75-gallon heater would work for the same number of people. 80-gallons is around the top range for a residential water heater.

On average, a family of four uses 200-400 gallons of water per day for various activities. Such activities may include dishwashing, doing laundry, or showering. A couple living in a small apartment, on the other hand, may use half of that.

Professional Installation

Unless you have extensive plumbing and electrical experience, you’ll want a professional to install your new water heater. There are a few reasons for this. First off, a professional understands the technology. They will ensure you receive the most out of your purchase. Secondly, a professional installation may be costly at first, but you’ll ultimately save money down the line thanks to fewer repairs and replacements.

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