What You Should Know About Water Quality and Hard Water in Amarillo

Water quality is an issue that has been gaining more attention over the past few years. And in most cases, the news is negative. So it’s no surprise that many of our customers are interested in learning about the water quality here in Amarillo.

What You Should Know About Water Quality and Hard Water in Amarillo

The City of Amarillo recently released its 2021 Water Quality Report, and there are many positive takeaways. If you live in Amarillo, you’ll be happy to know that our drinking water meets all EPA and Texas standards, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) gave our water supply the highest possible rating. 

Possible contaminants in Amarillo water

If you’re more curious about the water quality, it’s important to understand where it comes from before reaching your home. Amarillo’s municipal water supply is 55% surface water and 45% groundwater. Since most of this water comes from areas in or near farmland, contamination from agricultural chemicals is possible. Other possible contaminants include microbial (viruses, bacteria, etc.), inorganics, organic chemicals, and radioactive elements. 

Now, we understand all of that sounds pretty scary, but these contaminants are monitored, and the EPA sets regulations on the maximum levels that can be present in the water after treatment – Amarillo’s water is deemed safe. However, if you’re concerned about your water quality or have a medical condition that makes you vulnerable to such contaminants, you can always get your water tested and consider having a filtration system installed in your home. 

Hard water in Amarillo 

If you ask us, a bigger concern for homeowners in Amarillo is hard water. You may have heard this term but not be sure what it means. Hard water has high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are picked up and dissolved as water passes through the ground. This is a naturally occurring process and hard water is not a health risk. However, hard water does have adverse effects throughout your home.

  • Mineral build-up (scale) can clog plumbing fixtures and reduce the flow of faucets and showerhead
  • Accelerating the wear and tear on your pipes and appliances, increasing the risk of leaks
  • Makes soap less effective at cleaning 
  • Leaves mineral stains on laundry and dishes
  • Can make skin feel dry
  • Scale can promote bacteria growth

How to deal with hard water

It’s estimated that about 85% of homes have hard water – and that number is likely higher in Amarillo due to the minerals found in our ground. The best way to limit the effects of hard water is by installing a water softening system to remove or balance out the mineral content of your water supply.  

Water quality experts in Amarillo 

To find out if a water filtration or water softening system is a smart investment for your home, call the experienced team at Pratt Plumbing. We’re here to keep our customers updated on issues that impact the water quality here in the Amarillo area. Schedule an appointment today at (806) 373-7866.

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