What’s the Big Deal About Leaky Faucets?

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

At one point or another, all homeowners will face the dreaded leaky faucet. Whether it’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, or the basement, a leaking faucet can spell trouble for your plumbing system. While a small leak is easily ignored, it really should be a top priority to repair. If left alone for too long, the entire plumbing system could become compromised, leading to worse water damage and more costly repairs down the line. To put it lightly, yes, leaky faucets should be considered a big deal.

Leaky Causes

The reasons for a leaking faucet are all too common in an active home’s plumbing system. For starters, a valve, seal, or washer may break somewhere inside the faucet. An experienced plumber can find the issue and repair the faulty component by replacing the broken piece with a new one quite easily.

Alternatively, if you choose not to replace the defective part promptly, you may be in store for more expensive repairs. Fixtures can easily rust or corrode, while other parts may break down due to the leak.

Should You Perform Repairs?

While many homeowners see a leaky faucet as yet another cost, it’s a cost that is worth the time and effort.

Let’s break down a leaky faucet. On average, a leaking kitchen faucet will drip every two seconds. That means 30 drops per minute. This can be further broken down to 43,200 drops per day, or 2.85 gallons of water per day. In total, you’re looking at a loss of 1,041 gallons of water each year from a single dripping faucet.

The cost of performing repairs all comes down to waste. Are you willing to waste one-thousand gallons of water per year?

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