What Are Amarillo Plumbers Thankful for This Thanksgiving?

Thankful for This Thanksgiving

At Pratt Plumbing, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and we think it’s time to give thanks to the people and plumbing fixtures that we appreciate so much.

Things Pratt Plumbing is Thankful for This Thanksgiving:

#1: We’re going to start with the most important. Pratt Plumbing is extraordinarily thankful for our great customers in and around Amarillo. Our customers are loyal and they make our business what it is today. Thank you for your patronage! Please know that we are here for you for any plumbing service that you need.

#2: We’re thankful that we are able to have a positive impact on the environment and our community. We help to conserve water in Amarillo by installing low-flow plumbing fixtures. For help improving your energy and water efficiency, give us a call! By conserving water with plumbing fixtures like low-flow toilets and shower heads, you’ll help to save a precious resource while also saving money on your utility bills!

#3: This and every Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for garbage disposals! Garbage disposals make holiday meal cleanup so much easier. Just be careful though because around the holidays garbage disposers have a tendency to get clogged. Run water into the drain as you use the garbage disposal and avoid throwing foods like celery, rice, pasta, grease, cooking oil, and large bones into it. If your garbage disposal quits on you over the holidays, call our plumbing experts in for a repair!

To our valued, loyal customers in Amarillo, enjoy your turkey, your stuffing, and your pumpkin pie, and please know that your patronage is truly appreciated. From the Pratt Plumbing family to yours: Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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