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Although it’s mid-September and summer is “winding down,” the temperatures are telling us a different thing! At Pratt Plumbing, instead of telling you a little bit too early how to prime up your plumbing system for fall and winter, we decided we’d take a minute to share some funny and interesting plumbing information that we’ve picked up along our many years in the business. Even though we take our business and profession very seriously, we still appreciate a good laugh or two every now and again. The plumbing industry isn’t as boring as everyone may think! And maybe you’ll even learn some things that you’ll want to share with your friends and family. Who said learning can’t be fun?

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We’ve been in business for a long time and have seen some crazy things ourselves and have also learned some interesting facts and stories from other plumbers along the way. From drain cleaning finds to exploding pipes to Green Plumbing innovations, our Pratt Plumbing professionals guarantee you’ll be surprised!

The Juice about “the John”:

Did you know…?

ñ We’re not sure if you’ve ever been part of one of the epic toilet paper battles: Do you put your roll on with the toilet paper hanging over the front or tucked underneath? Believe it or not, the United States created a study to determine the answer to this and spent over $100,000 doing it! The verdict? 3 out of 4 people prefer their toilet paper flap hanging over the top in the front.

A Common Myth Uncovered:

True or False: In countries in the Southern Hemisphere, when you flush the toilet, the water spins down in the opposite direction than in the Northern Hemisphere.

◦ False! While this may appear true at times, it has nothing to do with your location on the earth. Every toilet has jet rims, which can flow in either direction. They are the little holes that rest under the rim of your toilet bowl and they control the direction of the water when you flush and when your toilet refills. It’s not where you are… To each toilet their own!

Interesting Tidbit:

-The average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet. Those are three years you’ll never get back!

The Toilet Trend:

-Waking up in the middle of winter to use the bathroom can be, well… a chill! But nowadays, people will pay to have a nice, warm seat to relax on. Heated toilet seats are a common trend and continue to become more and more popular. They can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase or for bathroom remodeling. Expensive… yep! Worth it? You tell us!

Green Plumbing Factoids – It’s all about the Environment!

-Speaking of water treatment… Did you know that the average household wastes 9,000 gallons of water just waiting for the temperature to get warmer or colder?

-Back in the day, faucets used to be made out of lead which was hazardous for our health when it came to cleaning dishes, bathing and water consumption. Luckily, the Eco-friendly forerunners, California and Vermont, led the positive change toward Lead-Free Standards when it comes to faucet construction and now lead faucets are no longer a concern.

– The EPA has done many water quality tests based in our sewer systems. What they discovered is that 85% of pharmaceutical drugs and medicines leave our bodies through urination. Trace amounts of antibiotics, anti-depressants, estrogen, caffeine, pain relievers and many more things have been found in our sewer water!

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Odd Drain Cleaning, Sewer Line & Pipe Discoveries:

Q. Why are manhole covers for the sewer round and not square?

A. If manhole covers were square, when they were turned diagonally they would fall into their own opening. Round sewer covers are easier to align into position and remove all risk of dropping down below.

Can you believe what they found?! Here are some rare things that have been found in pipes during drain cleaning:

-The most common odd things: Cell phones, bird nests & packs of cigarettes

-The oddballs:

A bed sheet – Yes, the whole thing in one pipe!

An unopened 6-pack of beer – …Do you still drink it after? We hope not!

False teeth – They’re going to be looking for those for a while.

A live badger – It actually happened in Scotland, but that doesn’t make it any less crazy!

14 pairs of men’s briefs – All in the same pipe at the same house!

A mop head – This bad decision or mistake actually created a terrible sewage flood in the basement. Don’t try this at home!

And last but not least… Who is the most famous plumber in history

-One of the most famous video game characters ever– he goes by the name of Mario. This short, chubby Italian-American plumber reigns from Mushroom Kingdom and his #1 goal is to save the Princess.

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Relevant information? Not all of it, but it is entertaining nonetheless. Our professionals at Pratt Plumbing just wanted to share some facts and wacky stories that the plumbing industry has to offer. It’s not as dull as you think it is! It’s always an inconvenience when plumbing problems occur, but when they do, we are the leading local plumbing company in the Amarillo and Canyon areas ready to help you out with anything you may need.

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