3 Common Problem Areas of your Dishwasher

Dishwashers provide modern convenience in the kitchen. With quick clean-up after meal times and sanitizing settings for additional peace of mind. However, dishwashers are not immune to issues. Each dishwasher model has different features, but they all come with many parts that can fall victim to problems.

3 Common Problem Areas of your Dishwasher

If your dishwasher has been acting up lately, here are three of the most problem-prone areas to check out.

The filter

If you’ve ever noticed an interesting smell coming from your dishwasher, or your dishes aren’t coming as clean as you might like, the problem most likely lies in the filter. The filtration system located within your dishwasher is not equipped to handle non-food items. These can include tags that might be on the bottom of dishes, or wrappers that find their way in accidentally.

The filter can also get clogged with larger food items after prolonged use. Cleaning the filter system regularly can prevent these common issues from happening.

The air gap

If you’ve never heard of an air gap, you’re not alone! Many homeowners don’t pay attention to this feature of the dishwasher until they have to. Or in other words, until a problem occurs.

The air gap is located near the faucet of your sink and allows for the dishwasher to drain without the risk of wastewater backup. In the event that the air gap is blocked, you will need to access it to clean it out. To do this, refer to your owner’s manual for the dishwasher and follow the directions carefully.

The drain hose

The third and possibly most common problem area in your dishwasher is the drain hose. This hose runs from the dishwasher and attaches to one of three places: the air gap, directly to the sink, or to a garbage disposal.

In the event that the drain hose is clogged or stops draining, you will need to flush it out and clean it as soon as possible. Doing this is a multifaceted project that should be completed with a close eye on the user’s manual for your specific dishwasher. Be sure to first turn off the power source to your dishwasher unit, as well as the garbage disposal if you have one, at the breaker box.

Dishwasher service in Amarillo, TX

If you’ve tried finding the issue in the filter, air gap, and drain hose problem areas, and your dishwasher is still malfunctioning or not working properly, it’s probably time to consult an expert. Call Pratt Plumbing to have us troubleshoot the issue and provide a safe, trustworthy solution. To schedule a service visit, call us at (806) 373-7866.

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