Pratt Offers Gas Leak Detection Too!

Gas Leak Detection ProcessYou already know that Pratt Plumbing, your Amarillo plumber, is standing ready to help you with your water and sewer lines. But we are much more than a leak repair service.

How We Serve You

  • Fix a leaking water pipe
  • Plumbing upgrade and remodeling
  • Clean out blocked drain pipes
  • Fix your garbage disposal
  • Connect your home to municipal water and sewer lines
  • Install or replace water pipes and drains in new construction, remodels, additions, or renovations
  • Service or replace your water heater
  • Perform preventative maintenance
  • Provide you with advice and information that will help your plumbing system work better and last longer

Detection of Gas Leaks

What you probably don’t realize is that your plumber can also offer you gas leak detection services. That might seem a little counter-intuitive until you see that gases used for fuel enter your home or building through pipes, which are a plumber’s specialty.

Gas leaks often occur inside of a home or building, but can also occur outdoors. Gas leak detection and prevention is important for several reasons. Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or unintentional fire are perhaps the most urgent reasons, but other reasons include the waste of natural resources that occurs when a gas leak is present, and the damage that poisonous gases can do to animals and plants in their natural habitats.

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