How to Know It’s Time for New Plumbing Fixtures

High-efficiency plumbing fixtures in Amarillo, TX ensure less water waste and more savings per month!
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The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most used rooms in any household. Coincidentally, these are also the two rooms with the most plumbing fixtures and connections. The fixtures here, including the faucet, toilet, and shower head, often undergo a lot of stress. They are in near constant use throughout the day. That toil and the usual wear-and-tear are going to weigh on the system greatly. It’s only a matter of time before your beloved faucet springs a leak, and then, a replacement is necessary. Wait for the right time, though. You don’t want to waste money on a replacement if one is not required for any reason.

Plumbing Fixtures Appearance

For many homeowners, appearance plays a significant role in determining when to replace or install a new fixture. While the function of your average fixtures has not changed drastically over the years, appearance and style have continued to advance. A dated fixture, like those found in old homes, tends to provide an outdated, stale appearance. If you want to sell the property, you’ll likely need new fixtures to spruce up the place.

However, updating the appearance of your fixtures is not simply about looks. It’s a cost-effective and simple way to instantly improve your kitchen or bathroom and bring the room into the modern world. That’s an appealing prospect!

Water Efficiency

Today’s modern fixtures use far less water per day than those from a decade ago. In fact, a modern toilet, for example, uses a fraction of the water while performing the same function. You’re saving money each month by investing in a new toilet. It’s a smart move.

Let’s look at efficiency in a way that catches your attention. Each year, a high-efficiency toilet, which uses around 1.28 gallons per flush, will save your home nearly 10,000 gallons of water per year. Subsequently, low-flow models of shower heads and faucets will drastically reduce your water waste and usage per month/year. That efficiency directly translates to savings.

Tips for Replacing Fixtures

When you’ve decided that now is the time for fixture replacement, a few tips from the experts can truly help.

  • Manufacturer – You always want to choose a reputable manufacturer for your plumbing fixtures. It’s okay to spend a little more for a well-known company that has long-lasting products, rather than using a cheaper, no-name fixture that will not last as long.
  • Sales – At the same time, you likely want to save some money. Check for regular sales on plumbing fixtures to score great deals on top-quality plumbing fixtures without breaking the bank.
  • WaterSense – WaterSense is a rating system designed by the EPA to determine how much water a plumbing fixture uses compared to other fixtures of the same type and style.

These are just a few tips we’ve gathered over our years of experience. If you use the above-mentioned advice, you’ll have high-efficiency, quality plumbing fixtures throughout your home.

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