Learning How to Fix a Leaky Bathroom Faucet

Fix leaky bathroom

The rhythmic drip, drip, drip of a leaky tap can be enough to drive normally mild mannered people to distraction. If one is willing to put in some time and effort, he or she can learn how to fix a leaky bathroom faucet, but it may be best to call in a professional. At Pratt Plumbing, we can give you helpful plumbing advice, or come to your home to repair the problem quickly and efficiently.

Simplifying the Repair Process

While the steps for how to fix a leaky bathroom faucet can be compressed to a manageable list, successfully performing the actual job can be quite complicated. If you have the right tools and are ready to devote some time into doing the job properly, these steps may be useful:

1. Turn off the water – Any plumbing repair job should start with this important step, otherwise, you will have more than just a little leak.
2. Take off decorative handles – Most decorative knobs and handles can be pulled straight off, if necessary, with the help of a screwdriver or small prying tool.
3. Remove the stem – Once the decorative handles are removed, a nut should be exposed. After this has been twisted off, the stem can also be removed.
4. Inspect/replace the washer or O-ring – This small device is often the cause of leaks
5. Put everything back together – Replace the parts and test to see if there is still a leak.

Getting Assistance

Some plumbing issues are straightforward, while others require an expert in order to be completed correctly. Now that you know the basics of how to fix a leaky bathroom faucet, you may be able to tackle this job on your own. Do not forget to call our Amarillo plumbing repair experts if you run into trouble. Our master plumbers at Pratt plumbing are ready to help make your plumbing issues disappear. Call us at 806-373-7866 to get assistance from one of our certified employees.

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