Two plumbing tips when looking for a new home in Amarillo, Texas.

Two plumbing tips when looking for a new homeHome buying is stressful. There is a lot to consider, plan, and prepare. And when you are looking for a new home in Amarillo, Texas it is important to make sure that one of the most complex and important systems in that new home, the plumbing, is working properly. You depend on plumbing more than any other system in your home. That is why it is important to have the plumbing properly inspected by a professional like Pratt plumbing before you sign the final papers. But while you are home shopping there two simple plumbing tips you can do when looking for a new home before you call in the big guys.

Check the water heater

The water heater is one big ticket item you will want to make sure is in working order before you buy a house. Replacing a water heater can be expensive so you would need to factor that into the price negotiation of the house. First, you can determine the age of the water heater by looking at the first four numbers of the serial number. They represent the month and year the water heater was made. If the water heater is 15 years or older it is an inefficient model and most likely needs to be replaced.

Next, ask the homeowner when the last time the water heater was flushed out or serviced. If the homeowner doesn’t have an answer or knows what you are talking about then it is quite possible that the water heater has not been properly cared for and will not last as long as it should. Lastly, you can check to see how well the water heater is working. Do this by turning on the shower farthest away from the water heater to see how long it takes for the water to warm up. Bottom line, the best thing you can do to make sure all the plumbing is in order, including the water heater, is to hire a professional plumber to do a full inspection before purchasing.

Check the water pressure

There is a simple way to check the water pressure when shopping for a home. Turn on the shower and the sink at the same time. You can also flush the toilet and have someone turn on the sink in the kitchen as well. If you notice low water pressure or a decrease in water pressure, it may mean that there is a blocked or leaky pipe somewhere in the system. If you start to notice water slowly draining this is another sign that you have some clogged pipes that will need to be taken care of. This could be a simple problem solved by snaking the lines, or a more expensive problem that will require re-piping. Regardless, checking the water pressure will give you small idea as to how the entire system is working.

Buying a new home in Amarillo, Texas is quite the task. You want to make sure that you get what you paid for. That is why it is so important to have the plumbing inspected in any potential new abode. With our skill, experience, state-of-the-art technology, and methods, Pratt Plumbing can thoroughly inspect the pipes, water quality, and appliances to make sure they are working properly before you buy. Pratt Plumbing is one of Amarillo’s leading plumbing specialists. Family-owned and operated since 1963, we give each and every client our undivided attention. When you work with us, you know your problems will be fixed as quickly as possible, at a fair and reasonable price.

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