Top 3 Residential Plumbing Code Violations in Texas

Like any state in America, Texas has its own set of do’s and don’ts when it comes to plumbing. There are dozens of laws defining how plumbers should conduct work on residential properties. The regulations are intended to decrease the risk of serious plumbing accidents. Unfortunately, not every plumbing company abides by these state codes. Here are three of the top plumbing code violations to watch for that take frequently place in Texas.

Improperly Sloped Drain Pipes

According to Texas law, there are specific measurements for drains that help prevent flooding, as well as stagnant water and structure damage. Sometimes, those measurements are disregarded by plumbing services, which can lead to water hazards on residential properties.

Mixed-Up Faucet Handles

When you use a faucet in Texas, the left handle should trigger the hot water line, no matter what kind of building you are in. This prevents user confusion and makes sure that no one accidentally scalds themselves with hot water. However, not all plumbers double-check to make sure that the left handle turns on the hot water and the right turns on the cold.

Unlicensed Workers

Texas plumbing regulations require that all official plumbing work be performed by state-licensed individuals. This ensures that all plumbers have an adequate amount of experience and knowledge to be trusted with a residential property. Unfortunately, not all plumbers are actually licensed under state law, even if they claim to be.

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