Why You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning

Need a Professional Drain CleaningEveryone likes Do-It-Yourself projects, but not every home improvement task is one you can successfully tackle on your own. Buying a drain cleaner at the store is not the same thing as a professional drain cleaning. An Amarillo plumber, like the experts at Pratt Plumbing, are necessary when it comes to fixing drains.

Why We are the Best

The directions on the back of a bottle cannot compare to the knowledge of an experienced plumber. Pratt Plumbing uses the newest tools and has handled everything from regular plumbing maintenance to re-piping a house. We also make it a priority to clean your drain and any mess we make. We use floor mats and strive to make your place look better than it did before we arrived.

Drain Cleaning Process

While we have the equipment to clean sewer mains, unclogging and cleaning your drains at home will likely be a simpler task. We use a flexible tool that rotates through pipes to cut and retrieve blockages. This sounds easy, but only qualified technicians can use these tools efficiently and effectively. Our services also prevent things from going wrong in the future.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Buying drain cleaner from the store is a temporary fix. Chemical cleaners can help by eating away at clogs, but this might not solve the entire problem. Plus, the chemicals in drain cleaner can hurt people, furniture and drains. If you have clogged drains, it is best to have a plumber diagnose the issue to reduce hassle and save time.

If your drain has a serious problem, chemical drain cleaners will not be any help. Having plumbers who have seen it all will ensure the job gets done right.

Use Pratt for the Best Service

Whether you have a clog in the sewer line or just need routine plumbing maintenance, Pratt Plumbing can help solve any issue. Our professional service ensures you get things fixed faster, and you have peace of mind knowing our solutions will last. Save the Do-It-Yourself projects for other areas of the house, and let the professionals handle plumbing by calling us at 806-373-7866.

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