Protect Your Home from Post-Drought Flooding in the Amarillo TX & Canyon TX Areas

Learn About the Importance of a Sump Pump in Your Home

Post-Drought FloodingIt’s been a hot summer in the Amarillo TX and Canyon TX area, especially the past few months. With lack of rainfall, our area has experienced drought-like weather that has affected our community and even put a strain on various aspects of our lives. Energy and water conservation in times of drought are extremely important and our professional technicians at Pratt Plumbing have been helping our clients learn ways to positively impact the environment in every way possible. The seasons are changing and the drought won’t last forever… it’s what might come after that can bring some panic – flooding!

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Floods can occur for many reasons from back-ups of wastewater and rainwater in the sewer system, a blocked connection between your main sewer line and your home, from a broken or absent sump pump, and for many other reasons as well. Periods of excessive drought are often followed by heavy rainwater. Preparation and prevention are two of the most important ways that you can safeguard your home from the dangers of water damage. The most important part of the flood prevention process is a sump pump so we are going to give you some tips and knowledge to make sure your plumbing system and your sump pump are up to par for the months ahead. Don’t get swamped when the rain comes!

Why Sump Pumps are Important for your Home Plumbing System

Water accumulates in the basin of your sump pump and needs to be removed before it overflows. It is the job of your sump pump to collect water from the foundation of your home and redirect it outside to an area where your home’s health will not be affected by it. They are continuously working and pumping to make sure that flooding is prevented in your basement. If your pump is malfunctioning, excessive water damage can occur and you can end up with thousands of dollars of damage, dangerous mold problems and the strength of your home’s foundation can be altered.

Each sump pump contains a float, either inside of the unit or outside where you can see and touch it. If you have a sump pump, you may be able to check yourself to see if it is working:

  • With an outside float, you can locate it and lift it up. This will simulate rising water as it would if there was heavy rain or potential flood danger. Lift the float upward, like the water would move, and your pump will kick on if it is working correctly.
  • With an inside float, it is slightly more difficult to test. Inside floats are usually on most new pumps that we install. If you are able to, you can take a hose and run water into the pit. A working sump pump will kick on before the water begins to overflow. Not every unit will allow this sort of test and if you’re concerned with testing your pump, feel free to call our professional plumbing technicians at Pratt Plumbing. It’s important to test it… Better safe than sorry!

Pratt Plumbing provides installation and replacement services whether you are looking into getting one in your home for the first time or if your pump is unable to be fixed. Here’s how it works:

  • Sump Pump Installation– We install our pumps in a pit and a discharge drain line is run from the pump itself to the outside of your home. Due to prime placement of the drainage line, the water will be unable to be absorbed back toward and into your house. We install drainage lines above and below ground. To find out what best suits your needs, Contact Pratt Plumbing to discuss your options.
  • Sump Pump Replacement– Whether you need a whole new system or just a particular component of your system removed, we can take care of that for you. We will look at your sump pump and determine what you need in order to ensure your pump system is running correctly and efficiently. If you happen to be experiencing any water problems, we will gladly find where the problem is and discuss your options for repair or replacement.

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To Preserve your Property’s Health, We Recommend:

  • A Back-up Sump Pump System – At Pratt Plumbing, we install battery back-up sump pump systems that are a great addition for homes with finished basements, valuable items in their basement or those that frequently go out of town. If flooding is one of your most feared home concerns, which it very well may be, a back-up system may is a great option for you. If there is ever a power outage, your sump pump won’t be able to work and rainwater won’t be removed from your basement. If you install a battery back-up, you’re guaranteed around 50 hours of battery power to make sure your basement is safe and your sump pump will work.
  • If a heavy rain storm comes… and you’re at home, go into your basement and make sure your sump pump is working before it is too late!

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Don‘t let water damage ruin your season. Act fast and make sure that your Amarillo TX and Canyon TX area homes are ready for the rains that may be on their way! Prevention is protection! And when it comes to your valuable home, your possessions and your family, skimp on the stress and money that you’ll waste by not being prepared for seasonal flooding. Purchasing, replacing or monitoring your sump pump is the smartest thing you can do this season. Click here to learn more about our Pump Services.

Flooding is not the only thing we’re concerned with. We’re experts in all areas of the plumbing industry and have a lot of great tips and tricks for you so you can rest assured that unexpected inconveniences are far, far away. Here are some of the other areas of Residential Plumbing and Commercial Plumbing Services that we offer at Pratt Plumbing:

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