Save Your Hard-earned Money and Learn a Few Home DIY Plumbing Suggestions in the Amarillo, TX Area

Plumbing DIY Tips from Pratt Plumbing

Plumbing DIY TipsThe truth is, you don’t need professional plumbers to help you with all of your problems around the house. It always great to know you have a local plumbing company you can trust just in case… but you may not know what you’re capable of! Things like clogged drains, leak detection and leak control and a little bit of plumbing tool knowledge can go a long way. Our certified plumbers at Pratt Plumbing are here to fill you in on a few things you should know to save you time, money and stress!

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DIY Plumbing Tips that you should know:

– Find out where you main water shut-off valve is. If you happen to run into a problem with a leak in your home, shutting it off can help you conserve water until you can repair it or get help with it.

– You never know when an emergency can happen! Just like your water valve, take a minute and learn how to turn off your water heater as well. Usually, turning the switch to “pilot” will do the trick.

– Do you have a leaky pipe? Try using duct tape as a temporary solution (or another heavy duty tape). It will limit the amount of water you’re losing while you’re repairing or waiting to replace it.

– If you have a leaky plumbing fixture, find the isolation valve. Every fixture should have one. Turning the valve will stop the water from traveling to the fixture whether it is a leaky faucet, leaky toilet or anything else. Then you will have time to fix the leak without worrying about the water.

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– There are a few different types of plungers which each work the best for different clogged drains. Drain cleaning is one of the most common household problems and most can be fixed quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the most popular plungers to assist you and what they are used for.

Toilet plungers – This type has a rubber cup at the end enclosed in a larger rubber cup. Because of the angle and shape of most toilet drains, the cup is able to fit inside the small part of the drain while the large part sits above and creates suction make it easy to plunge. It can be used in most drains and is the most practical buy for the home due to its flexibility.

Sink plungers or standard plungers– These usually have a long wooden handle with a rubber cup attached to the end. Standard plungers work best on a flat service because the cup has the best suction to get down into your kitchen sink drain or bathroom sink drain. Creating a vacuum will help you loosen up the drain clog. It is possible to use it on other plumbing fixtures as well, you just will not get the best suction based on how it is shaped.

Accordian plungers or a forced cup plungers – These are the best for toilet clogs. Usually made of plastic, there is a small cup at the end of the plunger past the section that resembles an accordian. The use of a smaller cup makes it easier to fix a clogged toilet drain. They may be a bit more challenging to use but they will never lack when it comes to power and force.

– If you need to unclog a drain in your kitchen that has two individual drains inside the sink, use two plungers to the best results. Use on to cover the 2nd drain to increase the pressure and suction and use the second one to actually plunge the clogged drain and loosen the material.

– When dealing with bath tub drains, removing the chrome cap will allow you to see the entire drain and the drain clog before you plunge it. Be careful if you’re using drain cleaners. Some of them can be very harsh and cause pipe corroding and other problems that can affect your plumbing system in the long run.

– Keep a large bucket handy because it can serve many purposes. You can keep your tools in it so you know where to find them in an emergency. Things like wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers of various types and sizes will give you options to make your repairs easier. Allen wrenches are particularly good for fixing your garbage disposal or the faucets in your kitchen or bathroom. A bucket can also be useful if you are fixing a leak. Letting the water leak into the bucket will protect your cabinets and other areas from water damage.

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When it comes to drain cleaning, leak detection, emergency plumbing and plumbing repairs, you can do more than you think you’re capable of! Taking a little bit of time to learn and try things yourself can be a great thing for your comfort and convenience in your home. Not only will have save money on service and repair fees but you’ll also be saving stress and be able to take care of things on your own time. At Pratt Plumbing, we are always here for any of your Amarillo, TX area plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance if there is ever a problem you can’t handle on your own. Don’t ever hesitate to call us with any questions. We will do anything in our power to make your life easier!

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