The Five Signs of Gas Leaks

Signs of Gas LeaksWhen you use natural gas to run your appliances, you need to be aware of a potential leak in your gas plumbing. Gas leaks should be treated like an emergency as they can be life-threatening. After the gas has been shut off, Pratt Plumbing can come out for emergency plumbing repair. Gas leaks can occur inside your home or outside. If you notice any of these five signs, you should call 911 to shut off your gas, then call Pratt Plumbing for leak repair.

Signs of an Indoor Gas Leak

  1. Natural gas companies add a rotten egg smell to odorless gas so that leaks can be detected more easily. This smell means there is natural gas in the air and can be fatal to you and your family. If you smell natural gas, you should leave the site immediately and call 911.
  2. Unusual noises coming from your gas equipment could mean there is a problem with the gas flow. An expert plumbing technician should assess whether this is a serious problem.

Signs of an Outdoor Gas leak

  1. A leak can blow dirt or other debris into the air. If you notice this occurring near a gas line, you may be in need of a leak repair.
  2. Natural gas will form bubbles in water. If you see persistent bubbles coming from puddles in your yard, it may be coming from a faulty gas line.
  3. Natural gas in high doses is fatal for most living things. Plants are no exception. If you see dead bushes, grass, or trees near a gas line, it may be caused by exposure to natural gas.

At Pratt Plumbing, we specialize in leak detection and repair. If your gas plumbing needs some work, don’t ignore it! It could be the difference between life and death. Call 806-373-7866 and see why we are the number one trusted Amarillo plumber.

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