Slab Leak Detection 101

Slab Leak DetectionA slab leak in your home can be one of the most difficult plumbing problems to detect. Yet it is one of the most costly repairs to deal with. A slab leak is essentially a water leak inside or under the foundation of your home. This may be caused by corroded pipes, improper installation, natural shifting, or pipes bending. This problem is more common than you may think and it needs to be treated quickly if you suspect it is occurring. Our Amarillo plumbing specialists at Pratt Plumbing are available 24 hours a day to provide slab leak detection and help you take care of other plumbing emergencies.

Common Signs of a Slab Leak

You may be in need of professional slab leak detection services if you notice any of the following:

  • Cracks in the walls and floors
  • Sounds of water running when all the water in the house is turned off
  • Higher than usual water bills
  • Moisture buildup and/or mildew on walls and floors
  • Pockets of warmth on flooring

The Importance of Slab Leak Detection and Treatment

If slab leaks are left untreated, the water that is accumulating under the concrete foundation can weaken your home’s structure and degrade the quality of your building. This can, in turn, endanger you and your family. You can take the steps necessary to quickly detect and properly treat slab leaks by having one of our specialists assess your home frequently.

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