5 Ways Water Damages Can Ruin Your Day in Amarillo

Water Damage

As humans, water is an absolute life necessity, and as Amarillo residential plumbers, water is our livelihood as well, but even we can admit that sometimes water causes problems that can simply ruin your day. Modern plumbing systems allow us to use water for everything from flushing toilets to cleaning dishes to laundering our unmentionables, but once in a while water goes astray, leaving water damages in its wake.

Water Damages Can Ruin Your Day

#1: An Overflowing Toilet – Could a small toilet clog, that you can’t even see, really ruin your day? It sure can. Toilet clogs can cause dirty toilet water to spill out over the top, making a huge mess in your bathroom and elsewhere. For drain cleaning or a toilet repair, you’ll want to call a local plumber.

#2: Frozen Plumbing Pipes – A plumbing pipe that bursts can unleash hundreds of gallons of water—fast. You’ll want to turn off your water shut off valve immediately and call Pratt Plumbing for a new copper or PEX pipe.

#3: An Ugly Ring from Your Glass of Lemonade – Many people have regrets about not using a coaster, but we won’t name names today. Water just has a way of leaving its mark and you might need to sand it away.

#4: A Flooded Basement – You know all that stuff you have down in the basement that you really like? It is all banking on your sump pump to save it from utter water destruction, so make sure your sump pump is up for the task.

#5: Ruined Wallpaper – Bathrooms look great with wallpaper until the water from your steamy hot showers catches up with it. Then it wrinkles and bubbles and you won’t even want to look at it. When remodeling your bathroom in Amarillo, consider vinyl wallpaper or another option.

At Pratt Plumbing we love any opportunity to help our valued Amarillo area customers avoid costly water damage. If you need plumbing service to make sure your home isn’t at a high risk for water damage or you have a plumbing emergency in Amarillo, give us a call!

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