Frozen Pipes in Amarillo Texas Not a Pipe Dream

Frozen Pipes in AmarilloFrozen pipes in Amarillo Texas may sound more like a pipe dream than a real potential problem, but it happens more than you would imagine. All it takes for a pipe to freeze and potentially burst is temperatures at or below 20 °F. Temperatures like that are not a common occurrence, but we have seen them in the winter months here is Amarillo Texas. So if your local news is forecasting freezing temperatures it’s best to take preventive steps.

Prevention of Frozen Pipes in Amarillo Texas

When water freezes it expands and creates intense pressure on the walls of the pipes. If the pressure is great enough, or the pipe has been weakened because of age or repeated exposure, it may burst causing water damage to your home and property. In Amarillo Texas pipes are often under-insulated or not insulated at all. Outdoor hose bibs, water sprinkler lines, swimming pool supply lines, water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like crawl spaces, attics, garages, basements, and kitchen cabinets, and pipes that run against exterior walls are all at risk of freezing. To prevent the pipes from freezing first drain the water from swimming pool and sprinkler supply lines. Also drain and put away your hoses, and close the inside valve supplying the outdoor hose bibs. After closing the inside valve leave the outside valve to your hose bibs open. For pipes inside the interior of your home, or pipes running against the exterior of your home, consider insulating them with pipe sleeves or UL-listed heat tape and cable. Even newspaper can provide protection in areas like ours that do not have frequent or prolonged temperatures below freezing. If you aren’t able to get into crawl spaces, or are not sure what to look for our plumbing experts here at Pratt Plumbing could easily identify and insulate any exposed pipes in one simple visit.

Finally, when the weather turns cold keep garage doors closed and consider leaving cabinets and other interior doors open so that heat can reach pipes that may normally be left behind closed doors. If the weather is very cold let water drip from faucets served by potential problem pipes. Even a small trickle can prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. And finally leave your boiler on during the day and night. If you leave the house set the temperature no lower than 55 °F. You may get a higher heating bill, but it will prevent the potential and expensive disaster of frozen or burst pipes.

If a pipe burst call a plumbing expert

Some pipe leaks and bursts are more obvious than others. If after a cold snap you find wet or damp drywall or floors, or your household water pressure has dropped, a pipe may have burst or fractured causing a leak. If your pipe has indeed burst shut off the main water supply. One of the great services we offer under our annual service agreement is to provide you with emergency shut-off instructions placed on your water heater. Once the water has been shut off turn on all the cold water taps letting the pipe drain out. Next switch off the water heater and turn on all the hot water taps, and flush all the toilets, further draining the system. Next call a reliable and professional plumber like us, Pratt Plumbing, to fix or repair burst pipes. We will be able to diagnose the problem, help stop further damage, and prevent future problems. Pratt Plumbing has been a leading Amarillo TX plumber for almost 50 years. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to handle all your plumbing installation, repairs and maintenance. For testimonials and money saving tips and coupons visit us on the web. And feel free to call us when problems arise or with any questions.


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