Things You Didn’t Know Can Damage Your Garbage Disposal

You probably use your garbage disposal almost every day. A garbage disposal is incredibly useful when it comes to scraping plates and cleaning up after meals, but no matter how sturdy the mechanism may seem, disposal units can incur damage from certain materials.

Here are the top five items you should never shove down your kitchen drain. They can all lead to damage requiring garbage disposal repair and leave you facing a potentially pricey plumbing bill.

Plastic or Paper

Your garbage disposal should never function as a garbage can or recycling bin. If your trash isn’t made of food, it shouldn’t be going down the sink into your garbage disposal. The device is made to grind up edible items, not other kinds of waste.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Even though these products might seem beneficial for your sink, plumbers often see garbage disposals that have been permanently damaged by harsh chemical cleaners. If your disposal is clogged or broken, call in a professional instead of dumping potentially harmful materials down the drain.


When hot water comes in contact with grease, the substance can become sticky and lead to inconvenient clogs in the garbage disposal. Rather than pouring your extra grease down the drain after cooking, let it harden in a plastic bag or container, then toss it in the trash.

Bones or Large Pieces of Meat

Although these are technically food-related items, they’re simply too intense for most garbage disposals to grind up. Small pieces of meat are typically OK, but hard bones or substantial chunks of meat should be thrown away.


Rice, pasta, bread, flour, and other grain-based foods can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal. They tend to swell up when they come in contact with water, then form a sticky paste that leads to clogs in your disposal or even your pipes.

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