Know your plastic pipes! Pipes 101 in Amarillo, Texas

Plastic Pipes AmarilloIt is amazing how far plumbing pipes have advanced. Plumbing pipes were once made of stone, wood, and Terra Cotta. Today they are made from metal and plastic. The plumbing pipes in your Amarillo, Texas home or business are made from either metal or plastic, and today we are going to discuss the many different types of plastic pipes. In the next blog we will discuss the variety of metal pipes.

Learning about plastic pipes

Plastic pipes come in different sizes, colors, flexibility, and materials. Some pipes can handle hot water while others would warp under the heat. For example, PVC pipe cannot handle hot water, but CPVC has extra chlorination which makes it capable of handling both hot and cold water. PVC and CPVC pipe is mostly used to transport pressurized water throughout your home and from the main water source. CPVC is more flexible, thinner, and leaks less. But some people are concerned about the effects the extra chlorination may have on the quality of their drinking water. An experienced and trained plumber knows which pipes are safe for certain jobs and if you ever have concerns you should as a trained technician from Pratt Plumbing.

Another type of plastic plumbing that can handle both hot and cold water is PEX pipe. PEX pipe was developed in the 1920’s but recently became popular when it became more cost effective compared to copper piping. It is similar to copper piping in size, durability, and heat resistance, but it is also more flexible, hose like, and has less leaks. It is very easy to install and is being used in many construction projects today and can often be seen on popular home remodeling television shows. Again, some people are concerned about the material and its effect on drinking water. It also can’t be used outside because it is UV sensitive.

The last type of plastic pipe commonly used in plumbing is ABS pipes. They are black rigid pipes normally found buried outside and used to transport highly pressurized waste water. Because of their rigidity they are normally not used for anything else or used within the home. Sometimes they are used in mobile home venting and plumbing.

How plastic pipes are used in plumbing systems

The plumbing system in your home or business uses many different types of pipes because plumbing has many different jobs. Hot water, cold water, fresh water, and waste water all require different things from your Amarillo, Texas plumbing system. If you have any concerns about the plumbing pipes in your home, or are considering a re-piping job or construction job in the future, give the experts at Pratt plumbing a call with all your questions!

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