Is Your Amarillo Home Haunted or Could the Strange Noises Be Coming From Your Plumbing?

Strange Noises Toilet Monster

Plumbing systems in Amarillo and elsewhere are known to make some strange noises, and often these noises are mistaken for other things—around Halloween, they can be mistook for gory ghosts, creepy critters, menacing monsters, and gurgling goblins! The only real scary thing about plumbing noises is the damage that can result from plumbing issues that aren’t taken care of. Our Amarillo plumbers are here to reveal the sources of common plumbing noises.

A Loud Banging Noise

If you hear a loud banging noise when you run water, it could be because one of your plumbing pipes is hitting something nearby as the water passes through. To prevent a damaged or broken pipe, try finding the source of noise. Then, insulate that area of piping to cushion it from nearby materials.

A Gurgling Sink

Sinks gurgle for a couple of different reasons. One reason is because the drain pipe is partially clogged, making it difficult for the water to drain. The other reason is that the sink may not be properly vented. Flushing a nearby toilet can cause an inadequately vented sink drain to gurgle. Call Pratt Plumbing for professional drain cleaning service or sink venting options.

A Rumbling or Popping Water Heater

If you hear strange noises coming from your water heater, you’re probably overdue for water heater maintenance. When sediment is allowed to build up inside your water heater tank, it heats up, releasing moisture into the surrounding water. That’s where the popping or rumbling sound comes in. The noise itself is nothing to be alarmed about, but you’ll want to flush your water heater to prevent corrosion.

Strange noises coming from are signs that your plumbing is in distress. Prevent further issues by opting for a fast, friendly plumbing repair from Pratt Plumbing.

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